When you book your vehicle in for an MOT test, you might be wondering what actually happens. Unlike the original test of 1960, today’s ones are far more comprehensive. A typical MOT test involves the inspection of many components on a vehicle.

First of all, the general condition of the vehicle gets checked for excessive corrosion. It also gets inspected to ensure there are no sharp edges that are likely to cause injury.

MOT tests also include exhaust and emissions checks on petrol and diesel engines. This is to ensure they aren’t producing excess CO2 emissions. The condition of the exhaust system itself also gets checked.

The fuel system of the vehicle is also put under scrutiny. Our MOT testers will check your fuel delivery system is safe, secure and in good condition.

Wheels and tyres get checked for roadworthiness too. One of the common reasons a vehicle fails an MOT is down to worn or defective tyres. Those black circles are a crucial safety item on any vehicle.

MOT tests also include a check of the vehicle’s VIN plate for identification purposes. At Lewis Motors, we can test cars, vans and light commercials. Contact us today to book your vehicle in.

  • Exterior lights

  • Dashboard warning lights

  • Seatbelts

  • Licence plates

  • Windscreen & Wiper Blades

  • Screen wash delivery system

  • Electrical system (visual check including battery and horn)